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The Complete ADHD Productivity System

Too many productivity systems leave out the neurodivergent. Not this one.This one is built FOR US.

What about us?

Too many systems are built without regard to the needs of people who are neurodivergent.How information is collected, organized, displayed, and retrieved are all critical elements that can make or break the entire day for someone with neurodivergence.That’s not an exaggeration and yet, few systems consider these things.ADHD can be a superpower or a disability. Hyperfocus is a system built to keep you playing at the superhero level longer.

Calming the storm.

FINALLY, a system built for us.

For those that need to be more productive, capture their amazing ideas, and move forward with important work, but can't find a system that works for their brain, Hyper-Focus is a complete productivity system designed for people with ADHD.This complete productivity system will help you:πŸš€ manage your tasks and their time
πŸš€ create, manage and scale note-taking and knowledge management
πŸš€ organize and automate to streamline email and file management
Unlike existing offerings in the market Hyper-Focus includes specific tools, explicit instructions, and is built exclusively for how our brains work.

The Hyper-Focus System

Helps you manage the following areas...

Task & Time

Stop getting lost amidst the clutter and spending more time managing the system than getting things done.

Notes & Knowledge

Stop losing information and start building your extended memory. We need a system built for speed.

Communication & File

It's easy to get overwhelmed and distracted, so having a system that keeps itself in order is essential.

No need to slow down

Built for Speed

Ideas come and go in SECONDS. There's no time to spare. Unlike systems with lots of searching and clicking, this system moves at the speed of thought.

spaces to think clearly

Anti-Cluttered by Design

You know how your brain feels amidst clutter and chaos versus how it feels when everything is in its place. Yeah, I do too. That's why I designed this system to eliminate clutter.

surface what is important

Focused on Priorities

Every system can easily grow out of control, making it difficult to find what is most important. This system is designed to counteract your object impermanence to quickly retrieve your most important emails, events, tasks, notes, and files.

The Options

There are two versions of the Hyper-Focus system.
The difference is DIY vs Supported.



The Complete Hyper-Focus system, including:
Tasks, Notes, Email, Calendar, Files

  • PDF Setup + Walkthrough

  • Video Setup + Walkthrough

Forever license -- because you already have too many subscriptions.



The Complete Hyper-Focus system, including:
Tasks, Notes, Email, Calendar, Files PLUS Coaching.

  • PDF Setup + Walkthrough

  • Video Setup + Walkthrough

  • 1:1 Coaching Session [One Hour]

Forever license -- because you already have too many subscriptions.

We're not broken, we're different

I built this system for us

My name is Jeff Gibbard and I have extremely well-managed ADHD.For a long time in my life, I thought I was unintelligent and lacked potential. Turns out, I just was operating in the wrong environment with the wrong tools. I tried for years to fit in but I found something even better: how to stand out.I did that by building systems that clear away the clutter so I am free to lean in to my unique ADHD-fueled superpowers, specifically: Hyperfocus

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